6.00 Kg (U-63)

4.54 Kg (U-52)

Ingredients: Pretzels(wheat flour, salt, malt syrup( barley , corn), corn
oil, canola oil, soybean oil, yeast, sodium hydroxide), toasted o's(corn flour,
wheat flour, oat flour, sugar, salt, colour) wheat squares(whole grain wheat,
sugar, barley malt extract, salt,colour), soybean oil, cheese bits (wheat flour,
soybean oil, cheddar cheese, modified palm oil, autolyzed yeast extract, salt,
sugar, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, modified milk ingredients, calcium
biphosphate, paprika, vinegar, annatto extract, ammonium phosphate,
hydrolyzed wheat protein, amylase, protease), seasoning (sugar, salt, dextrose,
hydolyzed wheat protein, amylase, protease), seasoning(sugar, salt,dextrose,
hydolyzed wheat protein, onion powder, torula yeast, wheat flour,
monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated soybean oil, colour, paprika extract,
natural flavour, annatto extract), modified palm oil.

4.54 Kg (U-51)

4.54 Kg (U-19)

Ingredients: Pretzels [enriched wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil (vegetable
and modified palm with TBHQ and citric acid), yeast, malted barley flour,
sodium hydroxide], Whole Wheat Squares Cereal [whole grain wheat, sugar
and/or glucose-fructose, natural flavour, salt], Cheese Bits [enriched wheat
flour, vegetable oil (vegetable and modified palm with TBHQ and citric acid),
cheddar cheese, autolyzed yeast extract, salt, sugar, ammonium bicarbonate,
sodium bicarbonate, modified milk ingredient, monocalcium phosphate,
paprika, vinegar, annatto, diammonium phosphate, hydrolyzed soya and/or
wheat protein, amylase, protease, potato maltodextrin], Toasted O's [corn
flour, wheat flour, oat flour, sugar, salt, colour], Vegetable oil (vegetable and
modified palm with TBHQ and citric acid), Seasoning [salt, garlic powder,
dextrose, sugar, wheat flour, corn flour, onion powder, monosodium
glutamate, spices, vegetable oil shortening, disodium guanylate].

10.00 kg (H-04)

5.00 Kg (U-05)

10.89 Kg (U-32)

Ingredients: Bleached Enriched Flour, Figs, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Sugar, Corn Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening, Flaked Corn, Corn Binder, Salt, Glycerin, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium as Perservatives, Artificial Vanilla Flavour, and Annatto and Caramel Colouring. Contains Wheat and Soy. 

3.18 Kg (U-23)

Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Salt, Artificial Flavour, Soya Lecithin, Canola Oil, Artificial Colour. 

5.00 Kg (U-04)

Ingredients: Stone Ground Corn, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Corn Starch, Corn Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Tortula Yeast, Hydrolized Corn Protein, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Disodium Inosinate and D Sodium Guanylate, Molasses Powder, Natural Smoke Powder, Calcium Hydroxide.

5.00 Kg (U-03)

Ingredients: Stone Ground Corn, Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt Calcium Hydroxide

5.44 Kg (U-33)

Ingredients: Yellow corn masa, soybean oil, flax seeds, salt.

5.44 Kg (U-09)

Ingredients: Stone ground corn, soybean oil, cajun seasoning (spices, corn flour, salt, onion powder, potato powder, tomato powder, natural flavour, garlic powder, green bell pepper powder, extractives of paprika and other spices, citric acid), salt.

10.00 Kg (U-82)

Ingredients: Soybeans, Palm Oil, Chili Powder.

10.00 Kg (U-81)

Ingredients: Soybeans, Salt

10.00 Kg (U-83)

Ingredients: Soybeans, Mustard Powder, Salt.

10.00 Kg (U-75)


4.54 Kg (U-17)

Ingredients:Enriched wheat flour, canola oil (contains dimethylpolysiloxane, TBHQ), frozenwhole egg and/or frozen albumen, wheat starch, salt, baking powder, sodiumstearoyl lactylate, sodium propionate, potassium sorbate, colour (contains tartrazine).

8.16 Kg (U-67)

Ingredients: Peanuts, Toasted Corn, Rice Crackers, Peas, Almonds, and Soya Oil.

5.99 Kg (U-64)

10.00 Kg (U-30)

Green peas, palm oil, sea salt and artificial colours (contains tartrazine).

5.44 Kg (U-72)

Ingredients: Chickpeas, vegetable oil (canola and/or soybean oil), salt,
red chili powder, paprika, black salt, spices.

9.00 Kg (U-68)

Ingredients: Butter Toasted Peanuts, Cajun Corn Sticks, Sesame Sticks, Peanuts, Almond Crunch, and BBQ Peanuts

10.00 kg (H-05)

5.44 Kg (U-65)

Ingredients: Okra, Salt

5.00 Kg (U-36)

Ingredients: Corn, vegetable oil, wheat flour, cornmeal, dehydrated
potatoes, potato starch, salt, modified milk ingredients, corn maltodextrin,
sugar, cheddar cheese, cornstarch, monosodium glutamate, dextrose, glucose solids, colour, onion powder, garlic powder, monoglycerides, sodium phosphate, torula yeast, tomato powder, hydrolyzed corn protein, spices, natural and artificial flavours, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, molasses powder, spice extracts, calcium stearoyl-2 lactylate, yeast, lactic acid, dipotassium phosphate, sulphites, smoke flavour, sodium bicarbonate and/or ammonium bicarbonate, calcium lactate, bht, sodium citrate, calcium hydroxide.
May contain soy and mustard

5.46 Kg (U-22)

Ingredients: Plantains, vegetable oil (palm olein), salt.


5.46 Kg (U-40)

Ingredients: Plantains, palm olein oil, spices, salt.

5.00 Kg (U-20)

Potatoes, Canola Oil, Salt

9.07 Kg (U-14)

2.72 Kg (U-13A) or 9.07 Kg (U-13)

6.80 Kg (U-73)

12 x 100 g (U-88)

12 x 100 g (U-87)

12 x 100 g (U-85)

5.00 Kg (U-25)

12 x 225 g (U-93)

Ingredients: Peanuts, Salt


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